Policy, Direction and Interpretation Bulletins

Policy Statements and Guidance

The Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) develops policy on matters related to the Professional Governance Act (the PGA), issues of professional governance, and the oversight and role of regulatory bodies. The OSPG also provides regulatory bodies with guidance as per section 9 of the PGA, and Directives, if required, as per section 11 of the PGA. As the OSPG strives for transparency this material will be provided on this website when it becomes available.

The following pages outline OSPG’s policy approach to a variety of matter under the PGA and where available, includes guidance issued to regulatory bodies.

  1. Advocacy
  2. Declarations of Competence and Declarations of Conflict of Interest
  3. Duty to Report to Regulatory Bodies
  4. Firm Regulation
  5. Practice Rights
  6. Register
  7. Regulatory Body Complaint and Discipline
  8. Information to be Publicly Available
  9. Standards of Practice
  10. OSPG Audits, Investigation and Performance Reviews
  11. OSPG Standards of Good Regulation

Interpretation Bulletins:

These bulletins contain general information supporting operation of the Professional Governance Act and are not replacements for the legislation. They do not contain or constitute legal advice.

  1. Registration of Firms

Best Practices:

Under its mandate, the OSPG conducts research and promotes best practices in professional governance. Best practice papers do not outline expectations for regulatory bodies but reflect issues and innovations within the field.

  1. Communications