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The Professional Governance Act (PGA) has been updated through Order in Council (OIC) by the Lieutenant Governor in Council to reflect modern governance terminology.  The OIC was deposited on June 2, 2023, bringing into force amendments to the PGA that were passed last year through Bill 21 – Professional Governance Amendment Act.

Terminology changes to the PGA include “President” and “Vice President” to “Chair” and “Vice Chair”, “Council” and “Council Member” to “Board” and “Board Member” and “Lay Council Member” to “Lay Board Member”. These terminology changes are intended to further reflect a shift in professional governance towards regulatory bodies regulating professions in the public interest and the interest of the environment rather than continue terminology more commonly associated with professional associations.

Since Bill 21 was passed, regulatory bodies and the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance have worked collaboratively to update relevant bylaws and other documents to ensure the terminology change has limited to no impact on operations.

The OIC also makes adjustments to ensure that the Architects Regulation and Employment Standards Regulation accurately carry forward the previous state under the Architects Act to the PGA.

Visit the following BC Laws link for a copy of Order in Council: