Biography – Paul Craven, Superintendent of Professional Governance

Paul Craven has 15 years of experience serving at senior levels in the B.C. public service. From 2013 to 2019 he was an executive director at the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office where he led the strategic services and compliance division to administer the Environmental Assessment Act. He was responsible for the branch that ensures proponents are in compliance with the act through administrative and field inspections, as well as through investigations and enforcement of major projects. Craven also led policy development at EAO and led the team responsible for the recent revitalization of environmental assessment process resulting in the passage of the new Environmental Assessment Act in 2018.

Prior to this time, he served as executive director of federalism and Canadian intergovernmental policy at the Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat in the Office of the Premier. He is a lawyer by training and began his career as an associate at a major Vancouver law firm where he practiced commercial and business litigation in a wide range of areas, including professional regulation, administrative and corporate law.