How has the input from Indigenous communities, and adopting UNDRIP, been reflected in the PGA?

  • The Superintendent has a duty to promote awareness among the regulatory bodies to support reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • The Superintendent will do this by supporting implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
  • The PGA requires regulatory bodies to make bylaws that establish education programs for their professionals to support informed engagement and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

How can regulatory bodies reconcile different professional development requirements, including the First Nations component, for registrants who are registered with more than one regulatory body or who may have expectations set by their ministry employer? (New)

  • The OSPG is working with regulatory bodies and representatives from applicable government ministries to explore ways to co-ordinate continuing education requirements relating to Indigenous reconciliation.
  • This work will aim to provide professionals who are registered with more than one regulatory body or are who are also government employees the ability to pursue and report on their continuing education in an efficient way.