At the time the Professional Governance Act (PGA) was brought into force in 2021, the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) published a general framework for conducting performance reviews of regulatory bodies. Because both the OSPG and regulatory bodies were newly operating under the PGA, the office has taken a phased approach to implementing the performance review program.

A familiarization review was conducted between May 2021 and April 2022 for each of the five regulatory bodies brought under the PGA in February 2021, seeking to enhance the OSPG’s understanding of how each regulatory body is already meeting or planning to meet the draft OSPG Standards of Good Regulation as published in 2021. This process will inform the implementation of the OSPG’s formal performance review program in future years, as well as a review of the Standards.

The familiarization review work involved examining each of the 20 standards, grouped into themed subsets of 4-6 standards, and assessing regulatory bodies against draft performance indicators. Regulatory bodies provided written responses for each phase, indicating how each standard is met (or planned to be met) along with supporting documentation and data. After review and analysis of the written material, OSPG staff conducted follow-up interviews with relevant staff and subject matter experts from the regulatory bodies.

This public report marks the final milestone in this first familiarization review cycle. OSPG findings are presented by theme, covering all 20 standards. This report also includes highlights of select best practices that surfaced during this review. These provide some concrete examples of regulatory bodies’ commitment to satisfying the letter and spirit of the PGA.

Familiarization Review Report 2021-2022