The PGA specifies that all five regulatory bodies (EGBC, ABCFP, BCIA, CAB, and ASTTBC) may be granted reserved practices, often known as practice rights. This means that the ability to practice a profession is reserved for registrants of that regulatory body, with the exception of persons who may practice aspects of the profession in accordance with another legislation.    Practically speaking, it means that a person must register with a regulatory body and meet all their professional, ethical and competency standards in order to offer their services as a professional.

Under their current legislation, EGBC and ABCFP’s regulated practices are already reserved, meaning that anyone who independently practices as an engineer, a geoscientist, or a forest professional must be a registrant of the appropriate regulatory body.  These reserved practices will continue under the PGA.

Following the PGA coming into force, certain practices of CAB, BCIA and ASTTBC may be reserved, along with clear provisions and timelines for when these would come into effect (likely after several years).  These three regulatory bodies are working on proposals of what their reserved practice may look like.  OSPG intends to engage the interested public on the proposed new reserved practices and will consider this input in regulation development.