OSPG has developed a set of Standards of Good Regulation to be used for the following purposes:

  • To inform OSPG policy work: all policy is developed in alignment with the standards and so it will support good performance related to the regulatory body’s statutory functions.
  • To guide the work of regulatory bodies and to inform voluntary self-assessments by regulatory bodies: may assist regulatory bodies with their reporting and with decision making for continuous improvement.
  • As criteria for reviews or audits of regulatory body performance by OSPG: provides a check on how well regulatory bodies are carrying out their statutory functions to protect the public interest, and a framework for the development of performance indicators to measure their performance.

OSPG developed the Standards of Good Regulation considering the experience and best practices of the Professional Standards Authority in the United Kingdom. They were updated in February, 2023, reflecting lessons learned from the practical experience of conducting the first familiarization reviews in 2021-2022.

The Standards of Good Regulation describe expected outcomes for:

  • Transparency and Accountability (6 standards)
  • Setting Standards of Competence and Conduct (2 standards)
  • Education and Continuing Competence (2 standards)
  • Registration (3 standards)
  • Audit and Practice Reviews (1 standard)
  • Complaints and Discipline (6 standards)

For further details, please refer to OSPG Standards of Good Regulation.