The PGA requires registrants to report the practice of an identified registrant when there is reasonable and probable grounds to believe that the identified registrant’s practice may pose a risk of significant harm to the environment or to the health and safety of the public or group of people.  This reporting duty extends to an employer or partner of an identified registrant when employment or partnerships are impacted because of the risk of harm from the identified registrant’s practice.

OSPG and regulatory bodies will collaborate to develop and promote guidance needed for registrants and for other persons (employers and partners) to understand this duty.  Guidance will be rolled out after the PGA is in force.     OSPG’s focus will be on promoting compliance with the duty to report rather than seeking to enforce compliance.

Regulatory bodies may put additional obligations on their registrants to report when a registrant’s conduct is in question or when the registrant is out of compliance the PGA or a regulatory body’s bylaws.

Persons who report an identified registrant or who assist in a complaint or prosecution are protected from reprisals.  Regulatory bodies and OSPG will put protocols in place for ensuring reprisal complaints are addressed.