Regulatory bodies are required to have four lay councillors appointed by government serving on their councils. Lay councillors bring an external perspective from registrant councillors and contribute to the council’s duty to represent the public interest in the governance of the profession(s). The Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office (CABRO) coordinates these appointments through their website and when positions are available the OSPG will let people know in our ‘News’ section.

Under the PGA, five statutory committees are required to support the work of the council and staff and also require lay committee members. These include the nominating committee, credentials committee, audit and practice review committee, investigation committee, and discipline committee. Councillors of the regulatory bodies must not serve on their committees. Lay committee members are required for all committee business and will be actively recruited by regulatory bodies with the support of the OSPG and the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office (CABRO).